Meet the Cast of JAMILTON

The cast of Jamilton, Nov. 2017.


I became obsessed with Lin-Manuel Miranda since the first time I heard In the Heights. He had me at musicals and hip-hop which are my two favorite genres. Like so many, I heard Hamilton first in my car and I’ll never forget it.

One day I was waxing poetic about the music and Jess, our Marketing Director, jokingly said we should tackle Jamilton. I knew I could teach the music and committed to doing something to it. Jess threw a graphic on Instagram just saying Jamilton: coming soon. Then it hit me that I knew enough talented people to actually bring it to life. In my former life I adapted novels into stage plays then directed them. I assembled a cast who probably had no clue what I was describing but somehow agreed to do whatever I asked.

The moment I remember most about last year was when Lin first says “Alexander Hamilton” and Shaun, our Hamilton, came on stage. The crowd erupted like we were on Broadway and I knew this was going to be magical.

Jamilton allows us to participate in the magic that is Hamilton. How lucky we are to be alive right now.



Shaun Fuller (Alexander Hamilton) is married to his real-life (and Jamilton’s) Eliza, Kelsey Fuller. He’s a Texas native, theater super fan and he builds web and mobile applications.

Shaun Fuller as Alexander Hamilton in Jamilton, Nov. 2017.

His Jamilton experience: "In a word — surreal. I’ve always wanted to be in musicals, but my singing skills aren’t quite up to par. Acting and rapping along with our great Jamilton cast was insanely fun!”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt would play Shaun in the musical of his life: 500 Days of Fuller


Alicia Williams as Aaron Burr in Jamilton, Nov. 2017.

Alicia Williams is so many things - mother to Nailah (Lafayette), teacher, performer and published author. Her new book - Genesis Begins Again is available for pre-order on Amazon. Get you some. When we’re lucky, Alicia finds time to teach for THE JAM: CLT.

Alicia’s favorite part of Jamilton: “It challenged my memory--Aaron Burr has a lot of words. It was amazing. Also - the cheers from the audience. And, watching them sing and dance along, fully feeling the moment. Their energy was so dope.”

Who’s playing the role of Alicia on Broadway? “Someone younger than me, with a tiny waist and brilliant voice. Hell, why not go big. Beyonce.”


Kelsey Fuller (Eliza), Paige Reinhard (Angelica) & D’Arcy Astridge (Peggy) in Jamilton, Nov. 2017.

Kelsey Fuller plays Eliza, she’s actually married to Hamilton (Shaun Fuller), AND her real-life sister Paige is playing the role of Angelica. She’s the operations manager Playing for Others - a non-profit that uses personal development, the arts to cultivate young minds and leaders.

Here’s why Kelsey loved being in Jamilton: “It was such a gift for my theatre nerd soul! It felt so great to stretch those performer muscles in ways I hadn't for years. Having something creative and collaborative to pour energy into ended up filling my cup back up more than I could have imagined. Getting to act out falling in love with my real-life husband was definitely a highlight!”

Kelsey is a talented singer so we’re casting Bernadette Peters as the lead in The Kelsey Story.

Paige Reinhard (Angelica) grew up taking classes at the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte and majored in drama at Northwest School of the Arts. She’s danced with Erica for years - a necessary creative respite from her day job in financial marketing. And she’s part of our real-life Ham-ily (again, sorry) She’s Kelsey’s sister and Shaun is her brother-in-law.

The cast of Jamilton performing ‘Helpless,’ Nov, 2017.

About last year: “Jamilton was a family affair, nerding out with my sister and brother-in-law. I loved getting girly with the Schuyler sisters and watching Jonathan doing the ballet was the best.”

Paige would totally pull a Little Mermaid and steal Lindsey Mendez’s voice for the Broadway show “Life of Paige.”

D’Arcy Astridge (Peggy Schuyler) just survived working the ticket office at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center during Hamilton’s run in Charlotte. That Ham-demonium (sorry) didn’t stop D’Arcy from jumping at the chance to do Jamilton again.

On getting her life in Jamilton: “Though I'm one of the few cast members without a theater background, I channeled my inner Peggy and had a blast dancing with THE JAM: CLT to one of the greatest musicals of all time!”

Ana Kendrick will play the lead in Pitch Perfect 4: D’Arcy’s story


Nadia Salem (John Laurens) grew up performing and never strayed too far from the stage. She sings, she’s part of THE JAM: CLT instructor team and her lip synching skills are legendary. By day, Nadia is an early childhood educator. She also teaches KIDS JAM Classes for THE JAM: CLT.

Her favorite thing about Jamilton last year? “When Gina Rhyne rocked the jump off the box as Hercules Mulligan!” (You had to be there.) “It was cool seeing everyone’s personalities shine through their performances.”

The role of Nadia will played by Jordin Sparks on Broadway in Nadia: An American (Idol) Musical


Gina Moody Rhyne as Hercules Mulligan in Jamilton, Nov. 2017.

Gina Moody Rhyne a.k.a. Moody has been dancing since she was 3 and teaching dance fitness classes for 11 years. Also - our Hercules Mulligan is expecting a baby boy in the spring.

Jamilton 2017: “In the cast, I got to meet JAM participants that I didn’t know before and we all became friends. The chemistry and energy in the group was outstanding. It was really beautiful to be a part of that. I loved watching everyone shine on stage and how the audience was so supportive and present for each person who took the stage.”

Moody the Musical: “Since I'm basically playing a hip-hop musical version of Busta Rhymes, maybe he should be the one to play me too? Or Missy...I'll take Missy. Either way, the hip-hop musical version of me is a billion times cooler than the real-life it should be.”


Malcolm Hamilton as George Washington in Jamilton, Nov. 2017.

Malcom Hamilton plays George Washington with the swagger of a 90’s R&B Star. By day he’s the Operations Assistant and Stage Manager for Playing for Others ( He married his wife Katie in October. Congrats!

Favorite Jamilton memories: “First, when I walked through the crowd as Washington after the duel between Laurens and Lee. It was awesome to be in the middle of everything. The second - doing the choreography during the introduction of Hercules Mulligan - it's the most buck part of show and you can feel it!”

Malcolm - The Musical: “I’d like the part of "me" to be played by either J. Cole to encapsulate my general style (and height) or Logic to portray my humor, nerdiness, and love for all people.”



Nailah Nolley as Lafayette/Jefferson in Jamilton, Nov. 2017.

Nailah Nolley in three words: Creative mind. Engineer. Nerd. She doubles up in Jamilton as Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson. Nailah is a Computer Science major at the illustrious A&T University. She’s also the daughter of our Aaron Burr (Alicia Willams).

How Nailah remembers Jamilton: “It was really fun, gosh, it was so exciting. It's hard to even put into words. I really like the scenes with the "You'll be Back" with the king, Guns & Ships, The Room Where it IHappens and Wait for it. I like watching those songs.”

When Nailah revolutionizes the world of tech through her creative coding genius - Zendaya will play the lead role in her life story


Most nights, you can find Jonathan Yeatts tapping into his inner Britney and teaching classes with THE JAM: CLT. And if you want to sell your house or buy your dream home - Jonanthan has you covered. He’s a realtor proudly serving the Charlotte area (

Jamilton 1.0: “Last year’s Jamilton production felt groundbreaking as it is the first production of its kind!

Jonathan Yeatts as King George in Jamilton, Nov. 2017.

Honestly, my favorite part of the show was watching the obvious Hamilton fans singing along while dancing their butts off!”

“Channing Tatum should play me in the hip-hop musical of my life – that may be a stretch, but still.”

Jamilton will be held 6:30pm on Saturday, November 17th, 2018 at Sugar Creek Brewing Company. Limited tickets available now on our website.