Hops & Pop: Jackson Edition

Group shot of all the stellar Jackson fans who came out to dance with us at Hops & Pop: Jackson Edition at Unknown Brewing Co., January 14th, 2017.

Saturday, Jan 14 2017, was a THE JAM: CLT dream come true. We love our Beyonce and Bruno, but no one can beat the Jacksons. They slayed before anyone knew how to slay. “Hops and Pops: The Jackson Edition” at Unknown Brewery was kind of like the Janet/Michael combo concert we never got to see.

We danced to SEVEN new routines choreographed by two Jackson super-fans:  company founder/HBIC Erica Butler and the ridiculously talented Simone Lindsey. They covered the Jackson 5 to 90’s era Michael, Rhythm Nation Janet and even ‘Poetic Justice’ Janet. We did the moonwalk - or tried to do the moonwalk. Some of us have been trying to moonwalk since ’85 and it still didn’t happen Saturday.  Bless.

Instructor Simone, in full King of Pop regalia, teaches the class a dance to "Workin' Day And Night" by Michael Jackson.

We loved all the energy from the newbies! And we love dancing at Unknown Brewing Company. They’re all about living without boundaries. We’re not big on boundaries either, so it’s a nice fit.

And a shout out to the Work for Your Beer gals!  Their enthusiasm is outrageously contagious.  Check them out.

Other notes from the second week of #JAMUARY:

Best dance crew: Everyone who took the Jam Session: Nasty with Simone Thursday. Go to Instagram or our YouTube channel and watch the routine. When Janet returns from maternity leave, THE JAM: CLT crew will be ready to go on tour.

Muscles which are the most sore after four straight days of dancing: Quads. Always the quads.

Best beer: The one you had after class at Unknown.  (or the one you had before Friday’s class… Marlo.)

Best way to survive a “snowstorm”: Boxed wine, Netflix, and cupcakes. (This is why we dance.)

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Reminder: Come to the Burnout on Wed, 2/1 for GAGA BOWL.  Lady G’s tunes plus #sports FTW.

Until then, let us know: What was your favorite dance from Saturday? If there’s a part two, what would you like to add to the playlist? Which member of the #JamFam do you think once jumped on stage at a karaoke bar and grabbed a microphone when she thought the person singing wasn’t doing ‘Man in the Mirror’ justice?

See you in class!


Instructors Erica & Simone split the room for another Jackson tune.