Lessons from MAN WEEK/Love & Hip Hop

Here's the number one lesson we learned from MAN WEEK in February: Men like to JAM. They came, they twerked, they conquered. Shout out to the wives/girlfriends/friends who brought their bae to class.  Maybe you had to convince them to show up, but we all know the truth - they turned up.

The Men of MAN WEEK 2017.

To the fellas who put on their gym clothes and danced for an hour or more, we salute you. Let's be honest; some of you were really feeling yourselves. Our man friends looked a little anxious at the start of Monday's class, but by the end, we spotted one guy who fully committed to a 360 degree twirl.  Friday was peak-MAN WEEK: the men showed out during Spin the Bottle Dance Off, giving us some Kid 'n Play and a fully executed cartwheel.  

Well done, men!  

(Jam History Fact: Spin the Bottle Dance Off originated at Prohibition, where Erica would spin empty beer bottles on the floor to get strangers to dance.  Then angry bartenders would take the bottles away. True story.)


It's no secret that we at THE JAM: CLT love to get Christina Aguilera-level Dirty from time-to-time. We saved the R-rated playlist with extra twerking, booty pops and general sass for Saturday at Unknown Brewing Company. Love and Hip Hop was all about the ladies. When you start the class with How Many Licks by Lil' Kim, you know you're in for a good time, amIrite?  

HAY BOO.  Love & Hip Hop 2017 - February 18th at Unknown Brewing Co.

We have to say, one of the best things about THE JAM: CLT was on display Saturday.  We had a room full of women from millennials to seniors, all shapes and sizes who were not afraid to pop it, drop it, get dirty and have a good time.  

Thanks to our guests from Work for Your Beer, CLT 5 and Beasley Media Group for joining us! We've got more brewery classes and special events coming up, so make sure to check out the class highlights on Youtube and follow THE JAM: CLT on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  

Until we JAM again!